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June 17, 2019
Why a Mantis?
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Why a Mantis?

I'll never forget my son bringing home a praying mantis. He had it in a jar, having captured the prehistoric looking insect in the backyard. We watched it move its head from side to side and carefully lift a small leaf from the floor of the jar, manipulating it with grace and dexterity. Quite frankly, I was mesmerized!


My son and I decided to look up praying mantis in his new Encyclopedia of Wildlife. "Ounce for ounce the single most efficient predator on the planet," it began. "Able to dismantle its prey and eat every part, leaving nothing as proof of the meal."


I was fascinated with the similarity between this creature and my own business, or what my business should be. I have been in the dismantling business for over twenty-five years. Over the past decade the demands for engineering expertise, environmental awareness, safety and thoroughness have added a new dimension to this industry. The most efficient dismantling methodology in the world is captured in one little insect - clean, thorough, careful, meticulous - all words  in the encyclopedia's  description of the mantis.


Finally, the encyclopedia devoted an entire paragraph to the environmental value of this insect because of its predatory skills. Now mantises are used in vegetation areas where pesticides once might have been used. Due to the "naturalness" of the mantis, they will control an over-abundance of dangerous insects and maintain a natural balance.


That was when I developed the mantis as a symbol for my company. It even looks like a shear, its neck poised for a precision cut. I tell my project managers to "think like a mantis - not like a wrecking ball."  If we do, our business will thrive and grow. It has.


Today, we have become one of the foremost dismantling companies in the United States. Our approach to many jobs is guided by a sense of precision and innovation not found in our competitors. This innovative approach to problem solving allows us to compete more effectively.

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