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February 26, 2015
Blizzards of 2015
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Blizzards of 2015

The record snowfalls this winter have been disastrous to many New England businesses and homeowners, causing roof collapses and other property damage. Costello Dismantling has responded to several building collapses this winter, helping to make dangerous buildings safe and allowing property owners to move on to restoration.


It's very easy for a property owner to feel confused when disaster strikes, but there are several things to be aware of. First and foremost, getting utilities shut down quickly and getting the approval for demolition from municipalities can make all the difference in a safe and efficient emergency clean up.


Secondly, emergency demolition jobs in Massachusetts require DEP involvement and asbestos planning. Any building built or renovated prior to 1980 is very likely to contain asbestos-containing materials, and even more recent structures require a licensed professional to inspect them prior to demolition. One of the things that Costello Dismantling has been able to do for customers this winter is work with MA DEP to obtain emergency waivers to allow buildings to be demolished safely and quickly. Demolishing a building without a professional assessment of asbestos hazards can create a public health risk and open the property owner and contractor up to litigation.

Finally, and although this may be obvious, talk to your insurance company. They're a critical part of the disaster recovery team, and will likely be bringing in engineers to survey your property and may be soliciting demolition pricing as well. It's important to remember that not all contractors are equipped to manage the regulatory hurdles that will come up. Sometimes a very low price is missing many of the key elements needed to keep your project in compliance.

If disaster strikes this winter, please think of Costello Dismantling as a resource to help you navigate the recovery process. Contact an estimator by calling (508)-291-2324 or send us an email.

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